Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Baaa-aaack

The title has nothing to do with the actual content of this post. Whatever. I feel better now after having a big 'ol tumor removed.
On to the meat (har har):
I made the discovery this week that leftover tater tots make DELICIOUS nachos. It was my first post-surgery excursion into the world of compulsive late night cooking. It was about 9:30, and the tater tots from dinner were still sitting on the counter. Gross, I know. Maybe it was inspiration, maybe it was the very tasty rum I enjoyed with my friend D that night. I don't know. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to get up mid-movie and put on some bacon (the foodie equivalent of "put on some tea") and smother the leftovers in colby-jack. Once the bacon was done I threw some onions in the grease and carmelized 'em. Twenty minutes or so in the oven for the tots, plus some sour cream, and my slightly tipsy heart was satisfied. I should have added jalepenos or salsa, but it just didn't occur to me at the time. YUM! Even though the cheese was a little old (What? Don't judge me! I haven't been to the store in forever...) it was tasty. Crumble up the bacon on the cheesy tots and cover them in sweet onion and sour cream goodness. It looks like a heart attack. I look forward to trying it again when I think it through a little more.

Quick aside: I have not been ignoring you, dear blog. I still love you. I just had to have a "sorta cancer but not really cancer" tumor removed from my abdomen, and the narcotics I was on really made it impossible to type whole words, much less form an entire blog post. I know that sounds like the excuse of someone trying to obtain fraudulent medical leave. It's not. I have a ten inch scar that looks JUST LIKE a rattlesnake that ate a deer. That proves it.


Heather said...

BTW, the bacon was special. It was applewood smoked shoulder bacon from www.paradiselockermeats.com. I have yet to get anything from them that isn't amazing.

LeeAnn said...

This is the white trash version of twice baked potatoes. LOL! This was high class when I was a kid.

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